Final Project Recognition

Final Project Recognition
Published on Dec 04, 2019 by Jiaolyulu

Recognizing the movement

I need to break down the process of recognizing the 4 points of the hand.

First is to recognizing the edge point of the cloth.

Second is to find the highest point of this edge.

Third is to find the other points that is next to the highest point.

Then we got the length of the destination of the motors. Then we compare the destination of the motor with the motor’s current position to decide whether the motor should go up or down.

I also build up a graphical interface for myself to control each motor movement and all motor movement by clicking some button. Altough it looks not so user friendly for everybody, it works well for me to calibrate the position of the linear actuator that is in the real world and in P5JS for simulation.

soldering of circuit