Final Project Fabric Selection

Final Project Fabric Selection
Published on Nov 24, 2019 by Jiaolyulu

Mood Fabric

I went to mood fabric to find the idea fabric for the installation. I want to find a fabric of spiritual identity.

Because I am finding the fabric for mountain, actually I don’t have much choice.

fabric of mountain choice 1
fabric of mountain choice 2
fabric of mountain choice 3

Apparently the third one wins. I somehow miss Zhujiang Fabric Store in Guangzhou. I have experienced choosing fabric and finding factory to dye the perfect color and then go to another factory to have the fabric composed or pleated. Although this fabirc looks nice, it is so expensive that is 50 dollars for 1 yard. I prefer the pleated fabric not only for its texture, but also for its ability to maintain the round shape without creating too many fabric drapes.