Published on Jan 28, 2017 by Jiaolyulu



I want to make my father and mother into a pair of gear to understand how the couple with each other and how their marriage changes them. Gears engage with each other and so do them. Although there are times they are in a fight and want to divorce but their relationship is totally co-depend. They shape each other into the weirdest being that nobody else could fit. But somehow they bring up me well and they bring my pet cat Chaochao also very well. I guess that is a kind of magic that belongs to their generation of people when independence is not a thing.

I want to define the relationship in movements. Their codependent family relationship would be revealed once in movement. No matter at which angle, they always fit with each other. One side of the sculpture of my father shows his own personality and the other side of my father is shaped by my mom. One side of the sculpture of my mother shows her own personality and the other side of my mom is shaped by my dad.

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Their relationship is also dependant on me. I studied in another city. Everytime I went back home, I would see my father and mother suddenly become busy for me.
But I know their usual state of relationship is not like that. They becomes a pair of very functional gears for a family.


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