organic neuron

organic neuron
Published on Aug 20, 2018 by GEEKSART

My Role: Main Designer, Sketch, 3D modeling, Rendering, CAD drawing, Guiding On-site Construction.

Company: GeeksArt

organic neuron

Plants are all neuro-electrical units. They twist, climb, and leap spirally along the track of thoughts, gradually deriving a macro-genetic structure that is identical to that of humans. Entering this forest, human consciousness and natural existence begin to entangle and connect.

Nature everywhere speaks to mankind in the same language, and mankind, perhaps as pilgrims, penitents, devotees, or prayers, all return to the tree of life.

We strive to inspire visitors of this work to re-examine our stand for environmental protection under globalization and rapid technological development, to think about the proper relationship between humans and the environment, and to explore the cognition of consciousness.

organic neuron
organic neuron

Spiraling twists, climbs and leaps, the plants are showing signs of genetic structures that are identical to humans.


This is work during my job at GEEKSART, Guangzhou, China.


2018.12-2019.03, Shenzhen, Expect The Unexpected, 2nd floor, Yanhan Highland, OCT creative zone
2019.05-2019.06, Guiyang, China Big Data Expo Temporary Exhibition, Guiyang International Conference and Exhibition Center
2019.07-2019.10, Xi’an, Expect The Unexpected, Rare guestspace, exhibiton area, G floor, Creative valley of Qujiang
2019.07-2019.10, Shanghai, Expect The Unexpected, Himalayan Gallery
2019.07-2019.10, Foshan, Expect The Unexpected, Desheng Art Museum, Fisherman’s wharf, Shunde


organic neuron Everything is interconnected, forming a collective organism. Because of anthropocentrism, we have gradually lost our connection with mother nature and even interconnection with ourselves. With this piece, I hoped to guide the visitors to enter a neon jungle of nature, rediscover our balance with nature and feel its breath and pulse.


organic neuron

The tree of life is composed of three layers of linear nerve bodies.
The outer surrounding layer represents two spiral DNA The middle layer and its inner layer represent the energy source layer In addition, the top is connected to the accessory structure neuron, and the bottom is connected to the interaction touchpad and terrain created by bionic plants and flowers.

Material selection

The optical fiber is conductive, the light could travel throughout the entire fiber.
Light strip: high brightness, strong visual ductility, this material is translucent, giving a sense of purity.

The optical fiber is fixed by a precision punched wooden board on the top. A Total of 56 fibers are fixed in the middle The periphery is composed of two 58 fibers combined into two double helix structures. The size of the tree of life can be controlled according to the number and size of the adjustment holes.
38 transparent plates form a base to support the light strips.
organic neuron

Paint and Plant

organic neuron
I found that the combination of luminous paint, purple light and plants can produce these special effects.
This material is almost invisible during the day, but it achieves a fluorescent effect because of photosynthesis at night.

Design for the Terrain

organic neuron
Custom-made heterosexual wooden structure as the base to support the bionic plants The height of the terrain is different, creating a rather alien effect for the entire space.

Construction Process

construction process photos