tic-toking and exploiting

tic-toking and exploiting
Published on Dec 20, 2021 by Jiaolyulu

Our world is governed by a huge energy clock, and the hand for this huge energy clock is the pump jack. Our natural resources are being exploited so fast at every pulse of those oil-pumping jacks. But our natural resources can not keep up with the pace. They are being exploited at incredible speed. The tree ring is formed over years. The pulse for this nature is by year, while our society requires energy by seconds.

installation photo

The video is a prototype for a bigger version of the installation. I want to divide the space into 2 separate rooms. At first, visitors would see just the pump jack moving while having no idea of what is happening on the other side. Visitors might also try to speed up the movement of this pump jack by pulling it. Then as they walk past this high wall, they would see the truth.

A lot of environmental problems are caused by many factors and we usually can not see the direct consequence of our unattentive behavior. Therefore, I want to divide the space into 2 separate rooms. installation rendering installation rendering